Mattie Kendall, MSc Social and Cultural Psychology


I grew up in Hornsey, North London. I was a cohort of LSE’s Social and Cultural Psychology MSc; I was attracted to the course partly because of my undergraduate degree in Sociology. For my master’s degree, I wanted to do a different course from just straight Sociology, but didn’t want it to be too far away from that discipline. This course allowed me to continue, and build upon. my interest in the ways in which culture and society shape people’s various thoughts, behaviours and relations. I am currently looking for a career in a research-based role.


“I don’t want to be seen by them as someone with ‘problems’, I want to be seen as a fun, intelligent sex goddess!”: An Examination of How Autistic Women Use Blogs to Represent Their Autism.

Supervisor: Cathy Nicholson

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