Fei Yuan


My name is Fei YUAN (Sophie). I was born and raised in China, and went abroad for studying since I was 18. I am currently applying for the PhD program while working as a freelancer. After completing my undergraduate studying in Australia, I came to LSE and continued my studying in MSc Organisational and Social Psychology. As a global citizen and one of the young generation, my primary research interests are related to self, personal and social identity; and tried to link them with different topics across various domains, especially with HRM and cultural influences.


Health and Well-being for Chinese in the 21st Century: The Study of Perceived Compatibility between Identities, Cultural Identification, and Self-Construal.

Supervisor: Neela Muhlemann

Culture itself as an identity would influence the formation of the core sense of self. More importantly, it also serves as the context where other identities interacting with each other. Multiple identities’ compatibility has demonstrated significant beneficial effects on our health and well-being in both general and clinical setting. The purpose of our study is to explore the influences of Chinese culture on multiple identities compatibility and self-construal, as well as their impacts on health and well-being. There were 250 Chinese residents completed our online questionnaires. The results found that multiple identity compatibility had the significant positive association with life and work satisfaction. The compatibility between cultural and organizational identities was especially crucial for Chinese people since it was the only predictor of burnout. However, only moderate and high social-level cultural identification showed an enhancing effect on the relationship between multiple identity compatibility and life satisfaction. It suggests that the impacts of culture on Chinese people in the 21st century might have changed.

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