Felipe Brescancini


I am a Brazilian social entrepreneur and co-founder of Think Twice Brasil Institute, which engages people in perceiving themselves as important social change makers. I worked in Marketing at P&G for 10 years, until I recognized I was not fulfilled. I am postgraduate in Communication and bachelor in Business, with certificates in Social Impact and New Economy. Being passionate about cultures, I have lived in the UK, Australia, and Chile, and been to 80+ countries, 40 of which, in a field research to live and learn from vulnerable realities worldwide.


What drives some professionals in Brazil to resign from steady jobs in search for more meaningful work forms?

Supervisor: Saadi Lahlou

More professionals are frustrated at work and want to change their job in Brazil. What drives some of these people to resign from steady jobs in search for more meaningful work forms? This research aims to answer this question by interviewing 18 Brazilians, equally divided between women and men. The method used to analyse the data was the Thematic Analysis. According to the criteria established, all these participants went through a similar career transition in which they personally decided to resign from a stable position, in a company that offered a reliable career planning for them, to search for what they believe to be more meaningful ways of working. This meaningfulness usually refers to a sense of being useful to others and to society. The findings suggest that one cause behind the professional frustration was that the respondents were not encouraged to develop their self-awareness in youth to think of their areas of interest, which led them to an unprepared choice of an undergraduate degree. Consequently, they had no motivation in higher education and in early career, which, turned into a mid-career crisis in the future. The professional experience ended up to be a process of self-discoveries, which awakened a new mindset of the meaningfulness of work. Concluding, the suggestion of this research is that new educational frameworks need to be created to encourage the youngsters to practice self-reflection and to talk about the role of different professions for a meaningful contribution to society. This guidance must happen before any work-related decision in order to prevent professional crises, stimulate prosocial behaviour and to enable individuals to be aware of the meaning of their work and its outcome to others since the beginning of the professional life.

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