Kelly A. Douglas


I was born, raised, and got my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in Wisconsin, US. Since then, my professional career largely focussed on advocacy, fundraising, and communications. In my free time, I found myself increasingly interested and involved in anti-racist work but did not know how to talk about it with the people closest to me. Instead, I had heated exchanges, withdrew from conversations, and at worst, severed relationships—and found other anti-racist activists had similar challenges. I knew there had to be a better way to discuss this issue. So I came to LSE for the MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology programme and conducted research on how American White anti-racist activists effectively confront racial prejudice and discrimination with other White Americans. I hope to continue this research in a PhD programme, and provide tools for White anti-racist activists as social change agents in the fight against racial prejudice and discrimination.


‘What did you mean by that?’: American White allies’ perceptions and experiences of confronting racial prejudice within close relationships.

Supervisor: Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington

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