Micheline Rama


I am a human rights advocate, strategist, and educator with over a decade of experience in advocacy communications, social impact campaigning, and creative activism. I am the Co-Founder and Executive Director of DAKILA - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines, and completed residencies in Design for Social Change at the New York School of Visual Arts, and Global Road Safety Leadership at Johns Hopkins University. I will be graduating from the LSE with an MSc in Social and Public Communication after completing the programme on a Chevening Scholarship.


“But they know if it’s a human wrong.” Social Representations of Human Rights in the Philippines.

Supervisor: Sandra Jovchelovitch

A mixed methods approach was employed in researching the organising principles and contents of social representations of human rights in the Philippines which were deductively determined from individual cognitions by a questionnaire study (N=403) and inductively generated through informal communication in focus group discussions (N=36). Questionnaire data analysed through hierarchical clustering revealed conceptual structures of human rights understanding that diverge from previously determined organising principles based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (cf. Doise, et al., 1999; Doise, 2002; Spini, 1997). Alternative explanations of grouping were proposed based on functional ‘human rights bundles’. Simple linear regression analysis was conducted to explore associations between personal-government and abstract-applied dimensions of human rights involvement, and Filipino values and civic engagement. Among other results, abstract and applied personal involvement were found to be correlated with civic engagement, as well as solidarity and independence value types; applied government involvement was correlated with traditional values. Thematic networks analysis of focus group transcripts shows Filipino social representations of human rights delineated along global themes of abstract human rights ideals and concrete human rights experiences. Moreover, the contents of both themes were found to be organised symmetrically according to personal, interpersonal/intergroup, and government human rights involvement. This research is especially pertinent given the current human rights crisis in the Philippines (Human Rights Watch, 2017) and the scarcity of social psychological research into the social knowledge of human rights.

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